Monday, November 28, 2011


I realize my temper has from bad to worst. I get impatient easily. And and and I don't like people to repeat whatever I said/mention !!! I know what I m saying, I don't need you to repeat it again -.- I remember telling you before not to repeat our words! Omg, I m starting to hate all this shit.

-.- crap

I don't understand why you come to sch... You're not interested at all, why attend sch? Since u are not interested, stay at home or withdraw man. Waste our time. You didn't do ur work, we helped u. During discussion, you don't understand we explain to you. When we were explaining, u nod your head.Yet, you gave us crappy work-.- was our explanations not clear enough for u? which part of our explanation you don't get it,ASK! What's your bloody mouth for?

Sometimes I wonder. Why are we working so much for? You don't understand... You don't contribute... You don't do your work.... And all we did was to help u cover up. Again and again ... We are humans, we have our limits. Come on...