Thursday, February 23, 2012

bye sch, HELLO holidayys :DD

Bye school, bye exams, bye year 2 of poly life and HELLO to my holidayys :D ahh, well... year 2 sem 2 was hell.. and the best part..... my holiday is only 2 WEEKS.. RAWRRRRRRRRRRRRRR . Hit town right after papers with watermelon (yh), ZQ, ruimin for dinner and movieeeeee.
*oh ya, did i mention that i took all this photos using my new olympus camera? :) teeheee *
being a retarddd here. haha
Ruiimin ; candid
LOLS, this was embarrasing.
NEXT stop, Just acia
FOOD ; nom nom nom :3
teriyaki set meal <3

yh's & ruiimin's
Dory fish.
Steam dumplingsss
Fried chickenn :)
ohhh, these were mine too.

watermelonn; xi gua
ZQ :)

LAST stop, marina square cinema :D
watched ghost riderrr; wasnt as good as what we expected. Overall, acceptable larhhs,
rate it 3.5/5 :)