Sunday, March 4, 2012

Crazy thoughts that are driving me nuts

I m thinking a lot. Again. What the hell is wrong with me? I thought everything is fine. Afterall, he changed, to e better of course. BUT.. Why am I feeling insecure again? Why must i have the feeling of you taking me for granted? Why must I have this kind of feelings again and again? Time and again? It's tiring, suffocating, unbearable... There are times whereby I had to fight for your attention, this isn't what I wanted. It's normal for every girl to yearn for attention right?

Sometimes even I don't understand what I wan, don't understand why I m doing this and that. How I expect you to understand me? But... My feelings, thoughts .... I expect you to understand like how bro did. It's contradicting I know.. But... I really hope so. I hope you can think for me, care for me, dote on me. Just a little bit more...

Dear brain,
Can you stop torturing me? I just need my freaking sleep now... Don't think anymore can you? I m tired. Really tired. Give me a break, will you ?